About us

Dip Medical Services was established in 2015 for serving the poor people of the ‘Chalan Bill area in Singra Upazilla of the Natore District by Dr. Farzana Rahman Drishti. After graduating from the most prestigious medical college in the country, Dhaka Medical College, she decided to serve the people of her area and established a diagnostic center with the slogan ‘Lighting the lamp of hope’. Gradually she has expanded her services and made it a full-fledged clinic. People from all walks of life can avail of quality medical services from the clinic with the support of world-class medical equipment. A good number of doctors and medical professionals are in the team for providing quality ‘one-stop’ services 24/7.

‘Dip Medical Services & Dipasha Foundation’ has been awarded ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award-2020’ for their outstanding contribution to young girls, women, and expectant mothers of the area. Besides, the founder of the organization, Dr. Farzana Rahman Drishti has also won the ‘Unstoppable Women Award-2020’ for her contribution towards empowering women in society.